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CZECH REPUBLIC: WTA Chairman addresses tax panel at Financial Time Business Regulation Forum

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11 November 2019 | Taxpayers’ Alliance (TPA) / United Kingdom

United Kingdom

A Financial Times event gathered regulators, policy makers, academics and senior industry leaders in Prague to discuss the role, principles and impact of “better regulation”. After an address to the event by Andrej Babiš, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, John O’Connell, Chairman and President of World Taxpayers Associations took to the stage with:

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GERMANY: The German Taxpayers’ Association celebrates its 70th Anniversary

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11 November 2019 | Bund der Steuerzahler Deutschland / Germany


On 10 September, the German Taxpayers’ Association celebrated its 70th birthday in Berlin in front of around 700 invited guests from politics, business, science, culture and with its members.
The keynote speaker was none other than Federal Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel. Her presence was important in several respects. In her speech, she praised the work of the Taxpayers’ Association, she stressed the necessity of tax cuts which was a great vote of confidence in our work.

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UNITED STATES: NTU celebrates its 50th Anniversary

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11 November 2019 | National Taxpayers Union (NTU) / United States

United States

On October 23, the National Taxpayers Union celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a gala dinner in Washington, DC featuring more than 300 guests from the organization’s past and present. Lawmakers, state governors, and other public officials were in attendance to view a video on the history of NTU — including an interview from the year 1974 of the organization’s founder on the famous American television program “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.”

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WTA Chairman’s Update #3: October – December 2019

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6 November 2019 | WTA Chairman’s Update #3: October – December 2019

Dear WTA members, observers and friends:

Next WTA events:

Taxpayers Regional Forum in Kyiv Ukraine May 16, 2020

The first WTA-sponsored Regional Taxpayers Forum of 2020 will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine, May 16th.

In May 2020 World Taxpayers Associations along with the Atlas Network and the Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation is pleased to invite delegates to join us in an exchange of ideas and best practices to advance taxpayer advocacy in Europe.

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