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12th European Resource Bank Meeting in Istanbul on 14 – 17 May 2015

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19 March 2015 | Association for Liberal Thinking / Turkey


We invite Friends of Liberty to join us at the 12th European Resource Bank Meeting in Istanbul on 14 – 17 May 2015 hosted by Association for Liberal Thinking, advancing ideas of liberty more than 20 years in Turkey.

European Resource Bank Meeting hosts the largest gathering of classical liberal, and libertarian intellectual entrepreneurs, free market think tankers from all around Europe.  Friends of liberty come along to exchange ideas to weaken centralized, bureaucratic powers to enhance individual liberties and free enterprise, therefore pluralism, peace and prosperity. 2015 Istanbul ERB meeting will offer discussions with inspiring speakers and invaluable opportunity of networking with like-minded friends. Come and join us!

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Invitation: 3rd Annual Friedman Conference

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19 March 2015 | Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance / Australia


On behalf of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, I would like to warmly invite you all to attend the 3rd Annual Friedman Conference, organised by the Australian Libertarian Society in conjunction with the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, and with the support of the Institute for Public Affairs and Mannkal Economic Education Foundation.

The Friedman Conference has become the highlight of the Australian Liberty Calendar, with over 200 attendees, and the leading voices for liberty not just from Australia – but around the world: International guests include Dr Tom Palmer from the Atlas Network, viral-video sensation Remy Munfasi, and a libertarian activist from Iran.

The conference will be held in Sydney from May 2-3, and you can find further details at

Sponsorship opportunities are also available for businesses and organizations that wish greater exposure here.

I know Australia seems very far away for many of you, however we promise the trip will be worth it!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions, and we look forward to seeing some of you in Sydney in May! Tim Andrews –

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The TaxPayers’ Alliance Launch: The Spending Plan

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13 March 2015 | Taxpayers’ Alliance (TPA) / United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The TaxPayers’ Alliance this week called on all Britain’s political leaders to inject a dose of honesty into the pre-general election debate about future spending cuts, with the publication of comprehensive new research project The Spending Plan.

The Spending Plan sets out comprehensive proposals for savings and reforms that would reduce public spending by 2020 to 35.2 per cent of GDP, the level forecast by the Office for Budget Responsibility. To reach that level, we will need to save £50 billion a year by 2019-20.

Launching The Spending Plan, Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

“The politicians seeking our votes owe it to all taxpayers to come clean about what spending the country can and cannot afford. This candour has so far been noticeably absent in the election campaign, with politicians failing to acknowledge the dire state of the public finances and instead clambering to make additional spending pledges.

“Our Spending Plan honestly sets out the savings that need to be made by whichever party or parties take power after the election. Today we challenge our political leaders to accept our plan or to produce a similarly rigorous set of proposals of their own which explain where it is that they would reduce spending instead.”

Read our full press release here:

Read the summary here:

Or the full report here:

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Letter from the Chairman, no 7

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20 February 2015 | Letter from the Chairman, no 7

I hope you have had a chance to log in on our new web page Do send us your ideas or wishes for the development of this tool, which we hope will be useful for all. We are working on more tax information and a special section on member recruitment and fund raising ideas, which will be for members only. By the end of this month we should be able to send a login to all members for access to that section as well.

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