Marketing and Fundraising

Section: Fundraising Tips / Marketing Tips
15 February 2017

From: Staffan Wennberg, Chairman of WTA

One thought I would like to leave with you is that direct marketing to be successful is almost more mathematics than creativity. Keeping track, analyzing the results on different files. So when working with a consultant on this or hiring someone – rather get the careful, mathematically-oriented person than the brilliantly creative one!

Then the old rule from file management from the Readers Digest – your members (or donors) can be divided into three categories: The new on your latest campaign, the first repeat and your base file. So it is only on the third renewal or donation that the person becomes a member of the all important “Base file”. That is where the money is and where your true followers are! Treat these three different groups differently and follow them up separately and your success will increase!