New Zealand Initiative Exposes Another Regulatory Tax on Housing

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17 July 2015 | New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union / New Zealand
New Zealand

The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says:

“Health and safety regulations are often regarded by politicians and bureaucrats as political sacred cows. We welcome this report from the New Zealand Initiative detailing the cost these regulatory taxes are having on homeowners and how they are acting as a barrier for those trying to enter the housing market.”

“While health and safety regulations have the best of intentions, like any regulation politicians should be careful to ensure that the benefits justify the costs. The New Zealand Initiative’s work suggests that the Government hasn’t required officials to examine whether the benefits make it worthwhile. For a Government which claims to want to ‘cut red tape’ this isn’t good enough.”

“Since 2008 the National Government has stalled and missed opportunities to reform the RMA to substantially reduce the burden of its regulatory taxes. With this deadlock showing no signs of changing anytime soon, it is reassuring to see the New Zealand Initiative exploring other ways the Government could reduce burdensome regulatory taxes.”

Read the The New Zealand Initiative’s Report here: A Matter of Balance_The New Zealand Initiative