FINLAND: Tax Freedom Day was June 8th

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1 July 2022 | Veronmaksajat / Finland


According to the Taxpayers’ Association of Finland, the total tax burden in Finland is estimated to be 42.7 percent of GDP, including national taxes, municipal and ecclesiastical, consumption taxes, and social security contributions.

According to the Taxpayers’ Association of Finland’s CEO, Teemu Lehtinen, Tax Freedom Day is a reminder that the overall level of taxation in Finland is already too high and in the future, a reduction in the level of taxation must be achieved.

In 1981, when they started calculating Tax Freedom Day, the tax burden in Finland was 37.3 percent, close to the EU average. Back then, Tax Freedom Day fell in May, while in the early 80s Tax Freedom Day fell in early June. In the last century, Finland’s tax burden has been about 3 to 5 percentage points higher than the EU15 average.
Find out more on Finland’s Tax Freedom Day here. If you don’t calculate Tax Freedom Day in your country, it’s definitely worth considering. Indeed, here is Daniel Pryor for the UK’s Adam Smith Institute talking about the UK Tax Freedom Day, calculated by the Adam Smith Institute, on the BBC.