NEW ZEALAND: A Victory For Taxpayers: Fuel Tax Relief Extension

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1 June 2022 | New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union / New Zealand
New Zealand


Responding to Budget 2022’s two-month extension of fuel tax and road user charge relief, New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Louis Houlbrooke says:

“This is a small but significant victory for taxpayers and will save the average household an extra $124 over two months.”

Taxpayers Union “campaigned hard for the reduction in fuel tax by presenting commuters with the shocking truth that for many Kiwis, half of the money spent at the pump was going to Grant Robertson. However, the plan to hike the tax back up again was always questionable during a cost of living crisis.”

“Robertson deserves credit for seeing sense on fuel tax – at least for now. If he doesn’t get the cost of living under control in the next two months, he’ll just have kicked his fuel tax problem down the road.”

Point of sale campaign materials, such as the above sticker on fuel pumps across NZ, make a big impact. They let taxpayers know about the tax they are about to face at the point of payment – when it is most painful!