SWEDEN: The Waste Ombudsman’s award goes to…

Section: Members Highlights / WTA Blog
25 February 2020 | Skattebetalarna / Sweden


The Swedish people have designated climate policy as the worst waste of the year (2019) in the Waste Ombudsman’s competition. But instead of having a serious discussion about how climate policy can be better, Climate Minister Isabella Lövin accuses Johan Gustafsson from the Swedish Taxpayers’ Association of disseminating “alternative facts”. The most important thing is that the government’s climate policy does not reduce emissions and has been criticized for it even by the government’s own experts. This is precisely why the Swedish people have voted climate policy as the worst waste of the year. With over 18,000 votes, it was a new record in the number of votes for the competition’s worst waste of the year and 30 percent of the votes went to climate policy.

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