UKRAINE: Victory for UEFF and Ukrainian Taxpayers

Section: Members Highlights / WTA Blog
28 January 2019 | Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation / Ukraine

The Ukrainian Parliament approved several changes in the budget law that the Ukrainian Economic Freedom Foundation fought for including:
1) Freeze of land tax for the next 5 years;
2) Elimination of the investment tax if you build anything related to agriculture;
3) Deregulation of construction requirements for electric power plants;
4) Cut taxes on several types of wine; and
5) Deregulated several aspects on corporate tax reporting.

UEFF also managed to deter all tax hikes on beer and tobacco, as well as a government proposal to set tobacco taxes in euros.

How did they do it? The Parliament had to adopt the budget in order to get an IMF loan. UEFF seized the opportunity to push for their amendments and then asked MPs not to vote unless they were approved. Simple and effective!