Lipa Wins 2018 Europe Liberty Award

Section: Members Highlights / WTA Blog
12 June 2018 | Lipa / Croatia

Croatian Taxpayers Association won the 2018 Europe Liberty Award for its campaign against the introduction of property taxes in Croatia.

Lipa’s campaign successfully combined grassroots activism, research, and public education, and it considers the successful delay of the introduction of property taxes one of the most significant victories of Croatian civil society in the history of its democracy. During the campaign, Lipa gathered over 145,000 signatures on a petition against the proposed taxes. “We managed to stop the tax, but we also managed to change the way Croatians think about taxation.” said Davor Huić, president of Lipa.

The other finalists for the 2018 Europe Liberty Award were Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad (Fundalib, Spain), for its Regional Tax Competitiveness Index; and Ukrainian Economics Freedom Foundation (UEFF, Ukraine), for its tax reform project.

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