Campaigns of Payroll Tax Refund and Civil Servant Pension Achieved Promising Results!

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5 June 2015 | KTA / Korea

Two strong results for the Korean Taxpayer Association (KTA)

KTA’s Campaign for Payroll Taxpayers won, even not completely.

Firstly, KTA had defeated government’s irrational reformation on payroll tax law.

But KTA strongly objected to their attempt because it was too important and apparently disadvantageous to payroll taxpayer. At last MOSF (Treasury of South Korea) determined to refund the payroll tax (from a changed law in May).

KTA’s Campaign for reformation of Civil Servant Pension

Secondly, at the end of May, Civil Servant Pension law has changed by Korean National Assembly so that Civil Servant’s Pension totally might be reduced even though apparently limited to mitigate long term fiscal deficit.

Our Campaign

Lawmaking by Korea National Assembly