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WTA Chairman’s Update #8: January-March 2018

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25 January 2018 | WTA Chairman’s Update #8: January-March 2018

Dear WTA Members, Observers, and Friends:

Regional Taxpayers Forum Bangkok Thailand, December 8-10, 2017
Thirty-two delegates from 16 countries joined in Bangkok this past December for the second WTA-sponsored Regional Taxpayers Forum of 2017. Attendees shared ideas on fundraising, strategic planning, tax reform, tax competition and social media. Following the main event, a meeting of the Asia Pacific Taxpayers Union took place where Chinese Taxpayers Union president Mr. Liu was confirmed as chairman.

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Respect for Taxpayers Day

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5 January 2018 | Respect for Taxpayers Day

The Respect for Taxpayers Day becomes an official commemorative day in Lithuania to be celebrated on the 11th of May. A recently adopted law is a result of a petition submitted by the Lithuanian Free Market Institute.

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Tax Concessions

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28 December 2017 | KTA / Korea


December has been a busy month for Korea Taxpayers’ Association – and a headache for lawmakers – as Kim Suntaek (KTA’s president) continued the campaign against excessive tax benefits to religious leaders.

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