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When is your Tax Freedom Day?

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17 July 2015 | When is your Tax Freedom Day?

ATTENTION WTA Members – The WTA is going to create a global chart of the Tax Freedom Days from all of its members. Tax Freedom Day is the first day of the year in which a nation as a whole has theoretically earned enough income to pay its taxes. Every dollar that is officially considered income by the government is counted, and every payment to the government that is officially considered a tax is counted.

Please send to me, Sarah Elliott,, your Tax Freedom Day for your country, and how you calculate it. Thank you!

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We Told You So: Ireland to Extend Plain Packaging to Alcohol

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17 July 2015 | Taxpayers Protection Alliance / United States

United States

Back in May at the European Resource Bank meeting, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance co-hosted a reception with the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance and the Property Rights Alliance where we talked about plain packaging of tobacco products and the potential for the next product to be alcohol. Well, it looks like we were right. Ireland is now considering plain packaging for alcohol. There are times when you are right but you don’t want to be. Here is TPA’s latest blog on the issue.

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Elements of a Modern Nonprofit By Kerry Halferty Hardy

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26 June 2015 | Elements of a Modern Nonprofit By Kerry Halferty Hardy

The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Kerry Halferty Hardy’s popular talk at the 2015 European Resource Bank in Istanbul on what today’s modern nonprofit needs to do well and how it can increase its impact.

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