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The USA’s Taxpayers Protection Alliance & Australian TPA Working Together

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28 August 2015 | Taxpayers Protection Alliance / United States

United States

This collaboration between the US group, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, and the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, is a perfect example of how the WTA can be helpful to global taxpayer protection movement.  Building relationships, sharing ideas, and helping one another fight against global threats to the taxpayer.

The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) has been sounding the alarm on various attempts by governments around the globe to institute plain packaging policies for tobacco. Australia was the first country to pass legislation mandating plain packaging of tobacco and after just a few years, the impact has been exactly what TPA warned they would be: greater tobacco consumption, increased illicit trade, and loss of revenue. Last week, the following submission was made to the Australian Parliament for public comments regarding the plain packaging laws. You can also download the full submission by clicking here.

I wanted to thank Tim Andrews for alerting us to this opportunity.  In my opinion, this is exactly the type pf coordination groups from around the world need to do more of.

If you submitted comments, please feel free to share with the group.


David Williams


Taxpayers Protection Alliance

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TPA Ghana Protesting an Unnecessary Toll Hike

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28 August 2015 | Taxpayers’ Alliance Ghana / Ghana


Read here how the Ghanaian government has misused road construction funds, and are now issuing a tax hike in the form of a toll.  The TPA Ghana is calling them out on this dishonest practice.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance Ghana said they are “opposed to any form of increase in taxes and levies considering the economic hardships that the Ghanaian taxpayer is going through, the high cost of doing business coupled with the current energy crisis.”

Mr. Bekoe charged government to render an account to Parliament on the usage of the road fund before thinking of burdening the taxpayer with increments.


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WTA & German Taxpayers Assoc. Meet with the UK’s TPA

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28 August 2015 | Bund der Steuerzahler Bayern / Germany


This week, Michael Jaeger & Daniel Junker of the German Taxpayers Association met with Sarah Elliott and Staffan Wennberg in London to plan for the upcoming biennial WTA Conference in Berlin on the 18-19th March 2016. It was a productive meeting, as speakers and panels were ironed out and ideas shared. While in London, they met with the UK’s Jonathan Isaby, CEO of the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA).  Michael and Daniel got to see the offices of the TPA, and meet some of the staff too . Should any of you come through London, do please contact Jonathan and check out the TPA!


TPAGermanTPAWTA Staffan and Jonathan

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Georgia – World Champions in Taxes?

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31 July 2015 | Georgia – World Champions in Taxes?

Former President of the Swedish Taxpayers Association and founder of the World Taxpayers Associations,
Bjorn Tarras-Wahlberg’s piece on the amazing transformation of Georgia’s tax system for the Swedish Daily.

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