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Satirical “Coalition of Obsolete Industries” Returns!

Section: Members Highlights / WTA Blog
15 March 2017 | Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance / Australia



Following the success slightly over a year ago of the satirical “Coalition of Obsolete Industries” campaign going internationally viral, The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance has produced a sequel!

The sequel targets a proposal by the Victorian State Government to impose a $2 tax on all rides to fund a bailout of the taxi industry followed by the introduction of Uber and features people in costume calling for new taxes to bail out town criers, the telegram industry, horseshoe makers etc. A tax on tires to bail out the horseshoe makers etc.


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Marketing and Fundraising

Section: Fundraising Tips / Marketing Tips
15 February 2017 | Marketing and Fundraising

From: Staffan Wennberg, Chairman of WTA

One thought I would like to leave with you is that direct marketing to be successful is almost more mathematics than creativity. Keeping track, analyzing the results on different files. So when working with a consultant on this or hiring someone – rather get the careful, mathematically-oriented person than the brilliantly creative one!

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How to Build a Major Gift Culture

Section: Fundraising Tips
14 February 2017 | How to Build a Major Gift Culture

Ben Case has had a long series of tips on “How to build a major gift culture.” The last of six well-developed points is The Power of Asking. The biggest reason people do not donate is because they are not asked!

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Using the Telephone in Fundraising and Marketing

Section: Fundraising Tips
13 February 2017 | Using the Telephone in Fundraising and Marketing

“Five Key Traits of a Great Major Gifts Officer…”

Arroyo Fundraising’s…Kathie Kramer Ryan…

1.    Passionate about their organization’s mission

2.    Genuinely curious about other people

3.    Self-driven and self-disciplined

4.    Appropriately persistent

5.    Results oriented

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The Swedish professor Hans Rosling passed away yesterday

Section: Members Highlights / WTA Blog
8 February 2017 | The Swedish professor Hans Rosling passed away yesterday


Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling was a worldwide celebrity because of his enthusiasm, ways of making complicated questions understandable, constantly showing how the world is improving in the face of pessimism. He was encouraging people, lifting them to new levels of understanding, hope and involvement. He passed away too early and will be missed by the many of us who believe in a better future, a humane world. A professor of the old tree, demanding, teaching but living in the new world with constant hope for the future. You can learn from him and share his heritage on his website:

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